Montreal – FAQ

Walking Tours

Q- How many participants are needed to ensure the tour will take place?
A- A minimum of 4 participants is required.

Q- What happens if the minimum required number of participants is not met? Will I get a refund?
A- Here are your options:

  1. Reschedule your booking.
  2. Request a full refund to your credit card (please expect a delay of 48 to 72 working hours)

Q- What happens with the tour if it is raining or snowing?
A- The tour will take place, rain or shine! However, you are advised to dress according to the weather conditions (wear comfortable shoes, rain gear, warm clothing, as needed).

Q- Something came up and I can’t attend my scheduled microbrewery tour. What is your refund policy?
A- If you cancel your booking:

  • +24h before your scheduled tour: full refund
  • less than 24h before your scheduled tour: no refund.

To apply for your refund, simply send us an email (

Q- Is there merchandise or memorabilia available for purchase during this beertastic adventure?
A- Yes! You’ll get to choose among t-shirts, mugs, mason jars, growlers, etc.

Q- How much alcohol will actually be served to me during the tour? Should I make arrangements for a place to sleep afterwards?
A-The tour offers the chance to discover and enjoy beers locally brewed in Montreal – this isn’t a binge-fest. However, some beers contain a higher percentage of alcohol. It is up to you to determine your limits and drink accordingly. If needed, we can recommend some places to spend the night. In addition, we recommend you have a a hearty meal after your tour so that you can fully enjoy your time in Montreal and ensure you can travel home comfortably. 

Q- I don’t like beer/Don’t drink alcohol. I would still like to join the tour. What are my options?


  • I don’t like beer: we will gladly replace your beer samplers and offer you a different alcoholic drink. Simply let us know once you have booked your tour (
  • I don’t drink alcohol: no worries! Simply let us know before you book your tour ( and we will send you a special discount code to enter and reduce the price of your reservation.

Private Group Tours:

Q- I would like to organize a private “group tour”. How many participants are needed?
A- Please send us your plans by email ( We will make the necessary arrangements and confirm if this is feasible.

Q-Can we drink alcohol INSIDE the bus?
A- No, that is simply forbidden under Quebec law.